UIS created numerous investing systems which integrate the power of accurate market timing, superior stock selection, effective loss and profit control, and disciplined money management:

  • Market Timing (T):  The systems use UIS proprietary market timing signaling systems that can separate the market into two different phases: Bull and Bear.
  • Stock Selection (S):  The systems test different stock selection strategies to pick certain types of stocks that can perform well in each market phase.
  • Loss and Profit Control (C):  The systems use unique loss and profit control criteria with each stock position to keep losses low and let profits grow.
  • Money Management (M):  The systems implement sound money management rules to control position size and diversify investment capital across different industries and sectors. This further reduces investing risk and achieves optimal compounded returns.

The TSCM investing systems have been back-tested through a rigorous simulation process against different market times.  The TSCM investing systems with the most consistent profits and the least risk were then selected as UIS's proprietary trading systems.